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We purchased two light sculptures from Mark Dane and they took our breath away.  They are truly one of a kind and exquisite pieces of beautiful art.  People are in awe when they see Mark’s unique creations because they illuminate a room to look spectacular.  Mark Dane’s work is definitely unforgettable and is something that one will be able to treasure forever.
Ann K.  West Palm Beach, FL

Mark Dane's use of design, color and form combined to create an extraordinary piece of art that literally and figuratively lights up the entrance hall of our home.  Everyone who enters our home comments on the beauty and uniqueness of his exceptional piece.  We are proud and happy to own it and enjoy it's beauty every day.
Margaret D.  Lake Worth, FL 

The unit Mark built manages to captivate our guests and it's become a major conversation piece amongst our friends. His ingenious blend of art and technology bears witness to his rich imagination and craftsmanship. It is utilitarian by virtue of it's light distribution and also enriches the space it occupies beautifully.
Beth C.  Glenridge, NJ

Mark designed our light sculpture to "our" specifications, including its shape and color spectrum. The result was beyond our expectations.  This innovative work of art is the centerpiece of our living room!   Thank you Mark for your creativity and artistry. 
Carole O.  Stoughton, MA

My husband and I built a new home, of modern Florida design, and looked for months for 2 pedestals that we anticipated finding for the front of our living room.  We had multiple people looking for us with no luck.  I was looking through Florida Design Magazine and ran across Mark Dane’s Light Sculptures.  I called him and asked if he did anything in a pedestal.  He didn’t say no but instead said “let me think about how I could do that for you, I’d like to try.” Well he not only tried but delivered.  They are beautiful pieces of artwork.   We enjoy them every evening.  The colors get richer as the evening gets darker.  They reflect on our front door glass and appear to be outside as well.  Mark was a pleasure to work with.  He listened, constructed and delivered two gorgeous pedestals of artwork that are the first thing people see upon entering our home.  We look forward to working with him on another project. I am fully confident he will come through with another piece that will be another unique creation that everyone will notice and enjoy.  
Patty B.  Bridgeton, MO 

I can't emphasize enough how much we enjoy our light sculpture from MkDane.  We purchased a guitar shaped light sculpture which we keep in a niche above our staircase.  We use the sculpture instead of our chandelier to light up the stairs.  This is truly one of a kind unique work of art.  We have never had a guest over the house who didn't ask us where we got it.
Haren H  Roslyn, NY

We purchased an abstract MKDane light sculpture from an ad in an interior design magazine.  The picture in the ad does very little justice to the actual piece.  The multi-dimensional colors literally jump off the wall and stand out among all our art. This light sculpture is truly one of a kind and is a beautiful addition to our home. 
Judy G.  Houston, TX

I ordered one of Mark Dane's art sculptures after seeing them displayed.  I have never seen anything so beautiful and unique.  This is not just a beautiful piece of art but an ingenious use of technology that actually provides functionality in a room.
Miriam B.  Tampa, FL

My husband and I could not be happier with our light sculptures.   We initially bought one for the dining room and it just makes the space. Then we had a unique request. We wanted to have custom made art for a corner near our bar.  Mark was amazing. He came to our house with drawings on his iPad. He wanted to ensure that we were aligned with his vision.  The absolute results exceeded my expectations!!  Also Mark is so reliable that you can set your clock by him.  Anyone that comes to my house is so impressed by the art. It is so beautiful! 
I could not be more please and recommend Mark more. 
Michelle, E.  Delray Beach, FL

The Light Art Painting we purchased from MKDane is magnificent. The colors change depending on the light in the room. When the room is dark, the colors are more vivid. It is a conversation piece admired by everyone who sees it. They stop and stare and immediately comment on its beauty. Thank you Mark for this unusual and wonderful piece of art.
Susan W, Sharon, MA

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